Do your windows look dirty in the summertime?

All windows get filthy. It is something that can not be avoided. Even if your windows are made with self-cleaning glass (which has a grime-resistant coating), they are still going to need the periodic wash to keep them gleaming. The good news is, keeping the glass clean fasts and simple– as is cleaning up the frames (uPVC is especially low-maintenance). You may have noticed, though, that dirt and gunk shows up more strongly when the sun is shining, which it is more difficult to make the glass look tidy in the summertime, even after washing it. If you were wondering why this holds true, then here is all the details you need.

Specks of dirt in the sun.

In bright sunlight, even the thinnest finish of dust is highlighted. Your windows may not be any dirtier than they were the day before, when the weather condition was dull and grey– it’s simply more apparent in the sun. The appearance of dirty windows on warm days is enhanced by the truth that specks of dust can cast little shadows, making the glass appearance grimier than it is. Sunlight can also appear streaks and smears that have been missed out on while property owners have actually been washing their windows, which can either be really helpful or extremely frustrating!

Streaky windows.

Generally, the only time window cleansing is an attractive possibility for homeowners is when it is warm exterior. This is in fact the even worse time to clean them, as it is very difficult to prevent undesirable spots. The heat of the sun triggers the water to vaporise quicker, indicating soapy residue is left prior to you have the possibility to wipe it off. This can be avoided by working rapidly and only washing small locations of glass at a time, however, in general, it is best to wait up until there is a cool, cloudy day prior to going out the bucket, sponge and soapy water!

Cleaning up uPVC windows carefully.

Identifying dirt on your window frames is perhaps a little easier than with glass– especially on uPVC frames that are ended up in white. To clean your uPVC frames, use a non-abrasive cloth to prevent scratching the frames, and soapy water instead of extreme chemicals.

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