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Gnoll Fisheries. The Club and Council have tendered a bid for funding to increase the number of pegs on the fishpond (2nd pond) by creating a disabled path and pegs off the dam wall. This will be from recycled materials and we are currently waiting to see if our bid is successful. the work will also include repairing some of the banks, extending the reedbeds, and reating a couple of islands for wildlife.

Gower Regional Fishery

At the last Gower Regional Fisheries Group Meeting. The Club was informed of a new by-law that has come into force making the removal of eels from any water without a special permit illegal. this has been done to preserve the declining eel stocks.

Stocking Policy

The Club is in the process of setting out a stocking policy for our five waters. If you have any ideas you think we should listen to then let a committee member know. This will probably involve stocking and netting our waters on a rotational basis, to improve the catch rates and also in places the size of fish caught.

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